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Jonathan Pirnay (* 1988) holds an MFA in New Media and is part of the col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve art and tech­no­lo­gy part­nership tag­ging un­der the na­me "JJ". In­fu­sed with punk, plastic and post-in­ter­net sen­si­bi­li­ties, "JJ"'s pro­jects and pro­ces­ses are wrought th­rough co­de, sys­tems and net­works. Their work emer­ges from the back­ground of a sce­ne of di­gi­tal- and net-ar­tists.


Jonathan Pirnay

Frankfurter Str. 102a

D-34121 Kassel

+49 (0) 163 - 6299577


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